Illovo Sugar Africa - Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Quality (SHERQ) and Food Safety Policy

Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Quality (SHERQ) and Food Safety Policy

    1. This policy sets out the commitments of Illovo Sugar Africa (PTY) Ltd (“Illovo”) and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) to achieving exemplary safety, health, environment and quality (“SHERQ”) standards and food safety performance.
    2. Illovo strives to conduct all its activities in a responsible, professional and competent manner and continuously to improve performance towards the ultimate objective of zero incidents, injuries, failures or complaints, with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
    3. As Africa’s leading producer of sugar and downstream products, Illovo fully acknowledges its responsibility to its stakeholders to minimise the health, safety, environmental, security and food safety risks relating to its operations and products, whilst maximising shareholder value.
    4. Illovo considers product quality, safety, security, protection of the environment and the health of its employees and the communities in which it operates as an integral part of its business processes and performance strategies.
    1. In pursuance of its aim to conduct its businesses with due care and respect for people and the environment and to maintain effective SHERQ, food safety and security management systems, Illovo is committed to the following principles:
    2. Zero Harm
      • Promoting a culture of “zero harm” in order to protect, as far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, surrounding communities, and the environment in the countries in which we operate.
    3. Environmental Management
      • Effectively managing biodiversity, sensitive environments, land use and site remediation in order to protect the environment.
    4. Minimising Impacts
      • Minimising the impact of our business on the environment, encouraging the development and implementation of environmentally friendly technologies to ensure the preservation of natural resources and sustainability, and setting and achieving targets related to resource utilisation efficiency, waste minimisation and pollution control.
    5. Prevention
      • Preventing major adverse incidents at our operations through the Illovo Integrated Risk Management System (“IIRMS”), and if such incidents do arise, effectively initiate response protocols to minimise their impacts and recurrences.
    6. Compliance
      • Conducting its operations in accordance with the applicable local and international safety, health, environment, quality and food safety laws and regulations. Striving to implement industry best practice through the on-going management of the IIRMS and guided by internationally recognised principles and codes of good practice.
    7. Respect for Human Rights
      • Providing a working environment built on the principles of respect, fair labour practices and decent working conditions for our employees in line with the internationally recognised conventions and codes of good practice, and the commitments set out in our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, and requiring our suppliers, contractors, service providers and representatives, as well as other persons contracting with Illovo, to do likewise.
    8. Training and Skills Development
      • Promoting skills development and employee competence at all levels of the organisation, with a focus on good manufacturing practice, food safety and SHERQ competencies and performance.
    9. Quality
      • Supplying safe, quality products that are free from ingredients or defects that could harm or threaten human life and health, suitable for their intended use, comply with all the relevant safety, health, environmental and quality and food safety legislation and industry best practice standards, and are accurately and properly labelled and advertised.
    10. Encouraging Responsible use of our Products
      • Encouraging responsible use of our products by our customers and consumers, and sharing our SHERQ and Food Safety performance goals with others.
    11. Continuous Improvement
      • Developing and promoting SHERQ awareness, optimal management of resources and transparency in reporting performance in order to achieve continual improvement of operational performance, products, services, and customer satisfaction.
    12. Effective Communication and Reporting
      • Communicating and reporting SHERQ performance to internal and external stakeholders, at least on an annual basis in an open and transparent manner.
    13. Supply Chain management
      • Associating ourselves with suppliers, service providers, contractors and customers who are committed to conducting their operations in accordance with internationally recognised SHERQ guiding principles and codes of good practice, and who promote sustainable development.
    14. Stakeholder Engagement
      • Promoting good relationships in the areas in which we operate through constructive engagement with local communities, their governments and authorities, with the aim of being an active participant in the sustainable creation of economic and social prosperity for our stakeholders and enhancing capabilities, while respecting people’s culture and heritage.
    1. This policy is approved by Illovo’s Social and Ethics Committee and is implemented and monitored through the Illovo Integrated Risk Management System which includes independent assurance by specialist SHERQ auditors.
    2. This policy and all relevant procedures aligned thereto will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure continual improvement, legal compliance and efficiency of implementation.

Gavin Dalgleish

Managing Director

September 2015