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Ubombo Sugar Limited's total economic impact is estimated at E3.1 billion in the financial year to March 2017. View the company's significant socio-economic contributions to Swaziland and its people, as assessed and reported on by Corporate Citizenship, an independent, global management consultancy specialising in social impact assessment, sustainability and corporate responsibility. Or, visit our infographic overview of Ubombo's socio-economic contributions here.

Ubombo Sugar Limited’s Positive Economic Impact Reported at E3.1 billion


...creates jobs for 7 363 Swazi nationals and supports livelihoods of further 13 566 people...

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Maragra Açúcar Positive Economic Impact in Mozambique is MZM 4.636 billion


...supports at least 8 694 jobs in Mozambique and 473 outgrower farmers…

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Socioeconomic Impact Socio-Economic Impact

As a creator of wealth and a major employer across six African countries, Illovo plays a significant economic role. We frequently contribute towards empowering emerging markets...

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Climate Change Climate Change

As Africa’s largest sugar producer, with agricultural and manufacturing operations in six African countries, Illovo remains conscious of its strong interdependence with, and strives to make a meaningful contribution...

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Financial Financial

Illovo is Africa’s leading and largest sugar producer, comprising agricultural estates and 16 manufacturing sites across six southern African countries, with the first origins of the group’s history dating back to 1891...

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