Socio-Economic Impact Overview

As a creator of wealth and a major employer across six African countries, Illovo plays a significant economic role. We frequently contribute towards empowering emerging markets and supplement local governments’ efforts to provide associated communities with infrastructure, education and health care. We also create value by transforming raw materials into products for our many customers, make substantial payments to the value chain of suppliers, contractors, distributors, customers, employees and to governments through direct and indirect taxes, as well as to shareholders and other providers of capital.

Illovo Sugar Africa: “Positioned to positively shape the socio-economic fabric of the economies and communities in which it operates”

In a group-wide, external socio-economic impact study conducted in 2017 by Corporate Citizenship, an independent, global management consultancy specialising in social impact assessment, sustainability and corporate responsibility, it has been found that the Illovo Sugar Africa group makes significant socio-economic contributions within the sphere of its vast Southern African operational footprint.

As a major employer, purchaser of agricultural raw materials and producer of sugar and downstream products distributed to largely domestic and regional markets, it was found in the financial year to March 2017, that the group’s total economic impact across its six countries of operation was a massive R23.8 billion (2014: R18.5 billion) comprising R5.0 billion in direct impacts from its own business activities and the balance from the multiplier effects of its business operations within the supply chain and the wider economy. The increase represents a considerable 29% jump in economic contribution over a period of only four years.

Please view Corporate Citizenship’s consolidated Illovo Sugar Africa group report, together with those of our six African businesses. For a quick, high-level view of total impact, please go to our group and country infographics.

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Corporate Responsibility Update 2017

This report is an update on how we have progressed since the publication of our Corporate Responsibility Report 2016, which explains our approach to corporate responsibility in further detail.

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