In South Africa, many people depend on natural resources, notably soil and water. Changing agricultural growing conditions has left small-scale farmers with fewer livelihood options.

14 MARCH 2022

These challenges prevent these farmers from transitioning away from subsistence farming into commercial agriculture. Despite these challenges, can we turn this around? Can we help new farmers make rural economies abundant and vibrant by creating self-sufficient and better users of their land? The answer is YES.

Understanding and overcoming the obstacles that small-scale farmers face fall within Illovo's Thriving African Community purpose which, among many other objectives aims to develop inclusive and sustainable value chains throughout our businesses – such as sugar cane agriculture in rural communities. For example, some of our farmers’ hard work and commitment supported by our combined development help and expertise, have aided them to succeed as young farmers with considerable potential.

Their stories exemplify how assisting small farmers holistically creates possibilities and successes. Their marks of success will be many, including the employment they create among their own people.

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