Illovo has a 60% share in Ubombo Sugar Limited, with the balance of shares held on behalf of the Swati nation by Tibiyo Taka Ngwane (Tibiyo). Ubombo, situated adjacent to the Usuthu River in the south east of the country, is one of three sugar producers in Eswatini whose combined total sugar output of more than 580 000 tons is marketed and distributed by the Swaziland Sugar Association (SSA). Around 40% of Ubombo’s current sugar production is refined and sold into the SACU region, with other preferential and regional markets. A major factory expansion and power co-generation project, commissioned in April 2011, allows the Ubombo operation to produce sufficient co-generated electricity from renewable resources to cater for all of its own factory, agricultural and other requirements. In addition, the operation exports power to the Eswatini national grid on a commercial basis.

Business Profile

  • Situated in the south east of Eswatini
  • One agricultural estate, factory and refinery
  • Produces raw and refined sugar; direct consumption sugars marketed by Swaziland Sugar Association
  • Internal electricity generation
  • Electricity exports
  • 1 133 permanent employees
  • 2 156 seasonal agricultural workers at peak periods

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