Kilombero Ethanol Distillery

The commissioning in August 2013 of the new potable alcohol distillery at the Kilombero sugar mill site in Tanzania comes as a direct result of the group’s ongoing strategy to progress ethanol and molasses beneficiation opportunities across Illovo’s operations. The plant boasts the best and most robust fermentation and distillation design across all of Illovo's existing ethanol operations, and has the annual capacity to produce around 12 million litres of ethanol.

The plant utilises the entire molasses production of Kilombero’s two sugar mills and has already begun supplying high-quality potable alcohol into the expanding local and East African beverage market, providing strategic diversity for our Tanzanian business. Ethanol and molasses beneficiation opportunities in other parts of the group continue to be evaluated along with power co-generation and increased furfural production options, underscoring the group’s continued initiatives to further develop and grow its downstream side of the business.