Sugar and Syrup

Illovo produces and sells a range of sugar and syrup products into domestic, preferential, regional and world markets. We sell a wide range of brown and refined sugar products to serve both our domestic and export customers. Our offerings include:

  • Industrial sugar: Mainly in refined bulk form, sold primarily to soft drink, confectionery, canning and re-packing customers. Most of this sugar is sold into markets in the countries in which we operate.
  • Prepack sugar: Refined and brown sugar which is pre-packed in paper or plastic of various pack sizes for direct consumption in domestic markets. It is sold to retail and wholesale customers and directly to consumers through our wide network of warehouses and distribution channels. In South Africa and Malawi, prepack sugar is marketed under the Illovo brand name, and in Zambia and Tanzania, under the Whitespoon and Bwana Sukari brand names respectively. In Eswatini and Mozambique, local market sugar is marketed on behalf of producers by their respective sugar associations.
  • Bulk raw sugar for refining: Raw sugar which is primarily exported to sugar refineries via preferential access to EU and USA markets, or through world market sales out of South Africa.
  • Specialty sugars: Sugar which undergoes additional or special processing to meet our customers’ unique requirements pertaining to flavour, grain size and colour, which is exported into high-premium niche markets in the EU and USA. An increasing volume of these exports is marketed under the EU-based “Fairtrade” label, with price premiums returning directly to promote agricultural development among emergent cane farmers in our own countries of operation. Relatively smaller quantities are sold into Illovo’s domestic markets.
  • Syrup: In South Africa and Zambia, Illovo produces a wide range of quality invert syrup products ranging from golden syrup through to the rich-dessert topping range. Illovo’s market leading syrups can be found nationally in retail, wholesale and industrial markets while customer-specific inverts are also supplied to many industrial customers and to growing export markets.