Electricity Co-Generation

Dry, fibrous bagasse remaining after the extraction process and biomass left in the fields after harvesting provides us with a renewable energy fuel source which is used to produce around 90% of the group’s total energy requirements, replacing fossil fuel sources such as coal and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG). Illovo’s objective is to become totally self-sufficient in its own power requirements and where possible, to export electricity to the national grids in the countries in which we operate. In Eswatini, Ubombo’s recent major factory expansion also included a significant upgrade of its power co-generation facilities which now supply all of the operation’s electricity requirements, including agriculture, and exports power to the Eswatini grid in terms of a commercial supply agreement with the Eswatini Electricity Company. As such, Ubombo represents Africa’s first fully integrated sugar milling operation and is a model which we can apply to existing and new operations in Africa.