Environmental Compliance

During the 2012/13 season, Illovo spent R6.5 million on waste disposal, emission treatment and remediation costs, as well as R21.1 million on prevention and environmental management costs.

A 5 000 litre effluent spillage occurred at our ethanol distillery plant at Merebank in South Africa as a result of a cracked gasket in the pipeline taking effluent from the factory to the sewage works. Various preventative measures have been taken. The pipeline is now inspected on a daily basis and with piezometers in place, any leak will be detected immediately. In addition, daily pigging of the pipeline occurs and steps are taken to ensure that there are no blockages or pressure build-ups which may result in leaks. An adequately equipped emergency response team is on stand-by to attend to any observed leaks.

At our Sezela factory, one breach of the environmental licence occurred due to the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) being above that stipulated in the permit. However, the average for the season is below the permitted limit. Temporary measures, in line with the Integrated Coastal Management Act, have been taken and the factory has undertaken a number of initiatives to minimize effluent discharge.

No enforcement notices, environmental prosecutions or environmental citations were issued to any of the group’s operations and no fines or penalties were imposed.