Continuous Improvement (CI) Rolls Out

Saturday, 26 July 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"Continuous Improvement (CI) Rolls Out"

At Ubombo

FOLLOWING the success stories of Continuous Improvement initiatives in the group, Ubombo Sugar has launched the CI programme at two pilot sites - factory B&C station and Sangwaluma farm.

Both pilot sites have great potential to improve sugar recovery and cane yield performance. The CI process started with training of employees on how to work in teams, understanding the team performance indicators in the PQCDSM (Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Moral) format and the use of visual display to measure the team performance indicators.

CI team meeting rooms have been constructed in both pilot areas which have installed visual management boards for the teams to display their performance. Every shift starts the day with a short meeting to review performance. The teams have gained confidence in using the visual charts to prompt daily action plans.

Continuous Improvement CI Rolls Out

IMAGE(Above): SANGWALUMA Farm’s newly-constructed CI meeting room.

Continuous Improvement CI Rolls Out

IMAGE(Above): FARM employees discuss performance in their new CI meeting room.

At Umzimkulu

UMZIMKULU mill officially launched its Continuous Improvement (CI) Programme on February 14 at a function held in the transport workshop. It was the first Illovo Sugar SA Ltd entity to launch CI and the day’s programme was ably directed by Murray Smith from Team Performance Factory with delegates from CI Growthcon and head office in attendance.

Presentations included information on the introduction and roll out of CI at Umzimkulu as well as a skit performed by some employees, after which employees signed CI pledge boards as part of their commitment to the programme. These boards were placed at strategic points on the factory site after the ceremony as a reminder to our employees of their pledges.

Continuous Improvement CI Rolls OutContinuous Improvement CI Rolls Out

IMAGE(Above): The actors (from left) Sindy Nhlumayo, Dumile Mbuyeleni and Nonthando Zulu seem to be enjoying themselves in the CI skit. IMAGE(Above Right): Boilermaker Sandile Dladla joins with other Umzimkulu employees in signing the pledge board.


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