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Sunday, 27 July 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"Communicating our values across the group "

Values Driven Leadership

IMAGE (above): IT was a case of “All hands on deck” for the roll out of the Values-Driven Leadership sessions at Ubombo.

Since the official launch of our Values-Driven Leadership last year September 2013, we have embarked on a Group-wide communication roll-out of our values. These communication sessions have been held across all our operations and facilitated by the senior leaders of that operation.

In order to uphold the process of Values-Driven Leadership, management levels were engaged with initially. The purpose of these sessions was to bring awareness to our management levels on Illovo’s Leadership Values and desired behaviours. GMs, Senior Leaders and HR led these sessions at the various operations with much success!

This year’s Business Understanding Programme (BUP) 2014 will then share the Values to all employees across all levels. This communication process marks the beginning phases of ensuring that everyone is able to live out the Values and their desired behaviours on a day-to-day basis with purpose and pride.

The next phase in terms of ‘Bringing our Values to Life’ is their integration into our business systems, practices and procedures to help ensure the values are well-embedded in our day-to-day activities. The importance of living out these values and behaviours within Illovo is linked to continually building high calibre individuals tuned into our values and prepared to take on leadership roles and responsibilities.

Our Values-Driven Leadership implies that all our employees are expected to demonstrate integrity, empowerment, inclusiveness, commitment and accountability in their everyday activities. It is one of our strategic advantages as we continue to make sustainable progress in the global environment in which we operate.

Various Ways to Get the Message Across

Values Driven Leadership

IMAGE (above): A series of colourful banners illustrating Illovo’s values – Accountability, Inclusiveness, Empowerment, Commitment and Integrity – displayed at each venue provided a powerful reinforcement of what each meant.

Values Driven Leadership

IMAGE (above): AT Maragra, GM Hans Veenstra took part in the proceedings, as did MDs and GMs at the group’s other centres.


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