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"THE Sugar Story was conceptualised towards the end of 2013"

THE Sugar Story was conceptualised towards the end of 2013, when Illovo SA’s Marketing team led by Darrell de Wet saw a need to contribute towards better education for all by providing educational material that would also increase knowledge and understanding on how sugar is made. The idea came to develop the story of sugar cane from land preparation, planting, milling, refining and downstream product development into story boards that teachers can use in the classroom.

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An 8-poster series was developed that illustrates the entire sugar story, from planting and harvesting, transportation, milling and refining, to uses and benefits of sugar and other by-products. Partnering with a design agency for the creation of the beautifully illustrated posters, this vision soon became a reality during 2014. The posters are designed for school learners from Grades 3 to 7 and two of them are PICTURED here.

The team worked with specialists in the education network and also developed a 50-page Educator’s Handbook which links the posters to current subject curricula and gives the teachers lesson plans and worksheets to use for teaching.

The posters and handbooks were distributed in January 2015 to 415 schools in KZN through the Pick n Pay school club and to 300 schools in Gauteng through the Department of Education. The posters distributed in KZN were also translated into Zulu for increased accessibility for all learners. These resources have been extremely well-received by all schools and the team has received much positive feedback from teachers expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful and informative posters. Teachers are able to use these valuable resources and have applied them to several different subjects, including natural sciences, technology, social sciences, life skills, EMS and languages.

Poster sets and handbooks were also given to each of Illovo’s mills for them to give to their community schools. The distribution of these posters is an on-going project and we look forward to sharing these with many more schools around the country. An accompanying video is currently in development and this multimedia tool will soon be available for schools. Other operations across the group have expressed interest in replicating a similar concept in their environments. More details can be obtained by emailing Darrell de Wet at

This project has been extremely fulfilling, to see an idea come to fruition so well and to be able to empower schools with much-needed teaching aids, while at the same time increasing awareness of Illovo and the sugar industry. Across the group, Illovo Sugar continues to make impactful initiatives in the education sector; these kinds of initiatives bring our Values to life and validate our strategic intent.

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DARRELL DE WET (back second left) and the Illovo Sugar Box Squad enjoy a happy visit to a Pick n Pay school club.


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