Friday, 13 November 2015
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"THE use of Visual Management (VM) boards is having a huge impact on performance at Maragra"

THE use of Visual Management (VM) boards is having a huge impact on performance at Maragra, according to the team leader of Sector B3 Acrisio Malate, because one can clearly see the correlation within the charts. For instance, if the level of absenteeism is high, the weeding quality is low. Moreover, he says that team members get very worried when they see red bars on the charts, as this is a sign of bad performance. So, the focus is to keep the green bars all the time.

In the factory, boards have been put where necessary in the whole factory. Morning meetings are led by the team leader and results can be seen from the VM boards. During the off-crop, the focus has been on machine maintenance and repair. Once the season starts, production targets against the crush plan will start being measured.

With Agric, the Assemble point is used for Visual Management. Each section has its VM board and meetings take place in the pilot areas every morning before going to the fields.

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DEPUTY SteerCom VM champion Neema Mseka visited the factory to see the effectiveness of VM implementation.

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AGRIC management visited the Assemble point to see the usage of the VM boards.

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THE morning meeting at the Assemble point, using the Visual Management board. Team leader in charge of sector B3 is Acrisio Malate.


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