Thursday, 24 September 2015
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TWO positive and major developments have occurred in the Cane Centre of Excellence (CCoE) project at Nchalo which is a Proof of Concept project involving earth observation and the creation of a new management system for Illovo agriculture.

The first item was an on-site workshop and official launch of the CCoE001 project held at Nchalo. Simon Bowen, the Head of Agriculture for AB Sugar, made himself available for the event which involved technical experts from Australia, England, Holland, South Africa and Malawi. Delegates (PICTURED) spent a week debating and enhancing the technical aspects of the project specifics and to ensure the Nchalo team was fully briefed on the proposed project outcomes. The event was considered a beneficial success by all who participated.

The second item was the launch of the new Remote Cane Management (RCM) website by SQR, the developers of CanePro which is the Illovo standard for our agricultural management software. SQR is one of the two strategic partners involved in this project. The other strategic partner is eLeaf, which is the company that supplies the satellite imagery and associated data.

A SCREENSHOT of one of the layer options (in this case Biomass Deficit) for the new SQR-RCM website.

DELEGATES at the on-site CCoE001 project event held in Nchalo included Rod McKinnon, Phillip Ashton, Keith Domleo, Wilson Kulima, Rory Van Zyl, Watson Ligomba, Brent Griffiths, Simon Bowen, Ernesto Obando, Dirk McElligott, Mark McGlinchey, Gavin Taylor and Jaco Burger.

The new SQR-RCM website enables the on-site Nchalo team to determine crop issues within the fields that could lead to proactive or very quick re-active management decisions which may result in cost and/or yield benefit. A screenshot of one of the many layers in the SQR-RCM website is shown here.

Lastly, another item worth mentioning is the on-site arrival of Miss Garazi Inunciaga, an ABSugar International Exchange Programme (IEP) participant from Spain who is an Innovation Engineer skilled in Continuous Improvement (CI) processes and tools. Garazi has been instrumental in the facilitating of discussions, formulation of processes and identifying risks, capabilities and relevant training required for the Utilisation and Operational Advantage sub-projects which are critical to the success of the CCoE001 Project. Garazi works closely with the project team and any other Nchalo departments which may have an impact on Agriculture in this project.

*001 because it is the first CCoE project that has been approved and funded by AB Sugar.



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