Thursday, 01 October 2015
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IT’S an exciting time in Tanzania as Kilombero prepares to roll out a new look for its brand – Bwana Sukari - along with a series of communications that will build awareness and support broader distribution in the local domestic market. The Bwana Sukari (‘Mr Sugar’ in Kiswahili) logo has had a makeover to help him really stand out on the packaging and also to reinforce the message of energy and strength of sweetness, with the words “utamu halisi” (genuinely sweet) now an integral part of the logo message. At the same time the pre-pack sugar packaging will change to reflect Kilombero’s ni mTanzania halisi

(Genuinely Tanzanian) message. The new design shows the giraffe, Tanzania’s national animal, and also depicts the green hills and acacia trees that are synonymous with this beautiful country. All of the changes were informed by a series of local market research, where researchers spoke to Tanzanian families and consumers - the customers who told them what they like, shared what they thought was important and what would make them want to buy this brand over its competitors. In a country with a very strong national identity and pride in its Tanzanian heritage, Kilombero wants this new look to celebrate the part the company plays in the community and its commitment to

producing great quality sugar for its customers. The aim is for Bwana Sukari to become the favourite and most trusted brand of sugar for Tanzanians, and by doing this to increase the volume of pre-packaged sugar sales in the local market. Kilombero MD Mark Bainbridge says: “This is a great initiative not only driving a fresh natural look to our brand to secure and develop prepack format volumes, but it is also driving our minds and site practices to value the customer more in terms of the consistency and quality of what we deliver to them.”

THE current packaging.

THE new Bwana Sukari logo. It is Kaswahili for: “Mr Sugar Genuinely sweet “.

THE genuinely Tanzanian option for the pre-pack sugar showcases the country’s national animal the giraffe, its green hills and acacia trees.



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