Social Investment - A Business Imperative

Monday, 23 June 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"‘CSI’ or ‘Corporate Social Investment’ is a way of life at Illovo."

‘CSI’ or ‘Corporate Social Investment’ is a way of life at Illovo. A key feature of our operations across Southern Africa is the significant scale of social investment activities undertaken by the group, not only in terms of money spent but also the personal contribution and involvement of our own people in many of the company’s investment projects and programmes.

This commitment characterises our desire to be welcomed in the communities in which we operate and, with it, brings considerable benefits to rural and relatively underdeveloped parts of our business which have limited infrastructure and significant development needs.

These challenges are most evident in our countries of operation outside South Africa, four of which are classified by the United Nations as Least Developed Countries. Consequently, as a long-term investor and major economic partner of the Southern African region, we continue to develop a social compact with our communities and people, and today administer wide-ranging social investment programmes aimed at infrastructural development, job creation, health and wellbeing, education, the provision of potable water and sanitary services, involvement in community projects and promoting culture and sports development.

During the past year alone, we spent R197 million (2012: R208 million) on projects of this nature, with local economies also benefiting from our procurement policies, which in 2012/13 resulted in 87% of our supply requirements, amounting to more than R6 billion, being obtained from local suppliers in the countries in which we operate.

Below are some of a multitude of ongoing CSI projects throughout the group.


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