'Simply The Best' For HIV Care

Friday, 23 May 2014
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"UBOMBO SUGAR’S efforts to help solve the critical issues of HIV and AIDS have been generally acknowledged..."

Simply The Best For HIV Care

IMAGE: A counsellor offers HIV testing and counselling services to a family during a two-week outreach campaign conducted by Ubombo Hospital and Swaziland Business Coalition on HIV and AIDS during 2012.

UBOMBO SUGAR’S efforts to help solve the critical issues of HIV and AIDS have been generally acknowledged, as has been its commitment to caring for the communities in which its employees live and work.

The Ministry of Health of Swaziland recently awarded it a certificate of recognition for being one of the facilities with the best coverage in HIV care. With Swaziland currently at the epicentre of the global HIV and AIDS pandemics, with 26% of adults HIV-positive, Ubombo Hospital has put the fight against HIV and AIDS as its top priority.

To achieve this, its HR manager Jobe Mashwama acknowledges the valuable support HIV programmes are receiving from Ubombo’s senior management, the dedication of its hospital staff, the reliable efforts from the vibrant group of company peer educators and the AIDS support group.

Ubombo continues to use the World AIDS Day commemoration to raise awareness among the workforce and 2012 was no exception, with a march and a number of festivities arranged.

The hospital has initiated ante-retroviral (ARV) programmes with technical support from public and private sector partners. As a result of these combined efforts, Ubombo Sugar calculates that ARV therapy has long-term cost benefits through reduced absenteeism, death (recruitment, training, reduced productivity) and hospitalisation.


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