Continuous Improvement Program Gains Traction

Sunday, 27 April 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"ILLOVO’S Continuous Improvement (CI) initiative has made significant ground over the past 18 months..."

Continuous Improvement Program Gains Traction

IMAGE: THE first CI project leaders in the Illovo group were this Zambian team trained at Nakambala who are currently working on projects worth approximately R27 million. They are pictured with Ian Parrott (back, centre) and Stuart Forbes (left).

ILLOVO’S Continuous Improvement (CI) initiative has made significant ground over the past 18 months, taking lessons from the first two pilot site assessments and applying them to the roll out to a further four sites during the 2013/14 season.

From the outset it was clear that we would have the capacity to succeed given the considerable support of senior leadership teams, who rallied together to encourage and help facilitate the implementation of a CI culture.

The Illovo CI process is driven through the application of the TRACC® system (Continuous Improvement Management System that delivers operational improvement and builds internal capability), which is facilitated with the support of consultants whose key role is to ensure the sustainability of CI at each site over a period of 18 months. Thereafter, Illovo staff members are sufficiently skilled to facilitate the process and continue on the CI journey.

To ensure that CI is embedded within the culture of Illovo, each entity has an appointed CI manager, together with a number of trainers and facilitators. These staff members are accountable for CI activities, namely the development of the CI culture through the site-specific steering committee, the training of CI tools and processes and the building of capability at the operational level.

The first two pilot areas were at Nakambala in Zambia which commenced its CI journey in February 2012, followed by Nchalo in Malawi a few months later. Both pilot areas have chosen factory and agricultural projects. To date both Nakambala and Nchalo have enjoyed great success in their implementation and attitude towards the CI challenge.

In summary, the CI journey within Illovo has been a process of ‘go slow, to go fast’, and shortly we are to expand our CI implementation to Ubombo (Swaziland), Maragra (Mozambique), Dwangwa (Malawi) and Kilombero (Tanzania).


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