Wednesday, 08 October 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd


NCHALO has become the first mill in the Illovo group to acquire Matrix-F NIRS equipment. NIRS, an acronym for Near Infra- Red Spectrometer, will be used for analysing cane and bagasse for fibre, brix, pol and moisture, all done at one goal within a few seconds at one button click. This will replace a series of lab equipment, namely saccharimeter, refractometer, cold water baths, cane driers, cold digesters, DAC balances, etc. The equipment, when successfully installed and commissioned after the trial stage, will increase the frequency of cane and bagasse sampling and the cane and bagasse analysis will be more correct than before, as this will mean an increase in the sample size.

LAB technician Angella Mataya at work on the NIRS.



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