Before And After At The Alumenda Water Channel

Monday, 23 June 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"Before And After At The Alumenda Water Channel"

NCHALO’S Alumenda Estate had been experiencing water shortages, attributed in part to the conveyance channel, where it was discovered that the channel had heavily silted up and was overgrown with weeds, suspected to have resulted from cultivation of the banks and deforestation beyond the banks which leads to erosion. It was decided to slash the weeds which had choked the channel and to plan for excavation of the channel. Contractors slashed the weeds using canoes and panga knives. Roben Shaba (field manager) and Muleso Wakwana (Area 6 manager) used a canoe to patrol the channel after the slashing had been done, with excavation to be done later since in many places the water depth was only knee-high and the width of the channel had also diminished. The pictures show BEFORE (above left) and AFTER (above right) views.


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