CI Changes The Way Things Are Done At Nakambala

Saturday, 21 June 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"CI Changes The Way Things Are Done At Nakambala"

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT (CI) activities continue to change the way things are done in the various areas of operation at Nakambala. One is the mounting of visual boards to convey factory information as well as information related to factory performance. A walk around the factory leaves one with a good ‘picture’ of the current season’s performance. There is also an interesting board with a big spoon showing the sugar production. PICTURED are the PRBS (Performance Related Bonus system) Sugar Made board and the PRBS MCP (Miller-cum-Planter) cane board.

THE packing station at Nakambala factory continues to improve its operations - it has designated wash areas (PICTURED) with electronic hand dryers to improve sanitation for the packers, its own changerooms with male and female ablution facilities complete with showers, and a new dining area where the team enjoys its meals.

ZAMBIA SUGAR has implemented stringent measures on passenger carriers, which must have a roll over protection and all passengers must be seated and strapped in by a seat belt. All such vehicles are being modified to comply with the group standard. Tractors have also been fitted with seatbelts. PICTURED is a modified passenger carrier.


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