Values Driven Leadership - Entrenching the Illovo Values

Sunday, 13 July 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"Values Driven Leadership - Entrenching the Illovo Values"

TO ensure that Illovo Sugar continues to remain relevant and well positioned as a leader in low-cost sugar production across the African continent, the executive team identified a need to reposition and revisit the leadership and management styles of our group. After thorough consideration of our existing company culture and long-term successes in sugar and downstream production, a set of five values was identified and agreed upon, these being: Integrity, Empowerment, Inclusiveness, Commitment and Accountability. This has led to the birth of Values-Driven Leadership (VDL) within Illovo which aims to take our organisation through a cultural transformation and to entrench the values into the business.

Taking a holistic approach, group senior managers and the six members of the executive went through a personal mastery process to assist them in developing a better self-awareness and understanding of how one’s behaviour impacts upon both self and others. This was a detailed process comprising individual psychometric assessments, face-to-face feedback and group workshops which helped to facilitate opportunities for individuals and management groups to interact and learn more about themselves in relation to the identified five Illovo values.

The Value-Driven Leadership itself was launched officially at the Management Conference in September 2013, just at the time when Gavin Dalgleish was settling into his new role as Managing Director. To support the process, Gavin has taken overall responsibility in leading the values-driven leadership while the five executive directors have each adopted one of the values - Accountability : John Hulley; Inclusiveness : Jenny Kunst; Empowerment : Mohammed Abdool-Samad; Commitment : Larry Riddle; and Integrity : Nigel Hawley.

THE next step in the process is to build awareness and understanding of these values, together with their associated behaviours, across the group. Over the medium-term, these values and behaviours will be integrated into our businesses’ systems, practices and procedures to help ensure sustainable and continued growth.

Values-Driven Leadership seeks to build a calibre of person who becomes tuned into the values of Illovo and is gradually prepared to take on leadership roles and responsibilities. By linking the Values-Driven Leadership to other development and management programmes, the organisation is able to recognise talents and skills and take the necessary steps to leverage on these for both current and future business needs.

The Values-Driven Leadership encourages employees to align their efforts with the values, ignite innovation and increase performance and profitability for the Illovo Group. Values-Driven Leadership implies Integrity, Empowerment, Inclusiveness, Commitment and Accountability by Leaders and Illovo Employees at all levels across the entire group. It’s one of Illovo’s strategic advantages moving forward in the new global environment in which we now participate.


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