Management Conference 2013 And Illovo Awards – Zambia Wins The Day

Saturday, 12 July 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"Management Conference 2013 And Illovo Awards – Zambia Wins The Day"

THE backdrop of Ubombo’s agricultural and milling operations at Big Bend provided an ideal setting for the senior management conference held in Swaziland in September. Having commenced its major factory expansion and cogeneration project some years earlier, the focus remains steady on Ubombo’s 330 000 ton sugar production target as cane deliveries increase from farmers under the Lower Usuthu Smallholder Irrigation project (LUSIP) and our own recent cane expansion and irrigation conversion projects. Over and above these production objectives, the factory’s upgraded cogeneration plant has become an African success story of its own, fully supplying all of the operation’s factory, agricultural and other electricity needs from renewable resources and exporting power into the national grid at above contracted levels – as such, Ubombo’s integrated sugar production and power cogeneration model is the only one of its kind across the African continent – and can be replicated at other existing or new sites.

These achievements underscore the good successes of the group as a whole and the presentation of the Illovo Awards provided one of the many conference highlights, being able to recognise and celebrate good performance and practice. It was Zambia Sugar’s turn to shine as despite the negative impact of a major equipment failure in the factory and industrial action in the 2012/13 season, the business produced a record 404 000 tons of sugar and was able to continue its impressive growth in sugar markets. Hence the Best Country Award went to Zambia, with notable mentions to South Africa and Swaziland. ILLOVO magazine congratulates all Illovo Awards recipients.

Best Country Award: Zambia. From left, back: John Raine, Mark Pousson, James Mukukwa, Anthony Domleo; front: Ian Parrott, Stanley Munsamy, Doreen Kabunda, Aubrey Chibumba, Rebecca Katowa and Lovemore Sievu.

The other award winners on the night were (in order of presentation):

Enterprise Risk Management Award: Mozambique, presented to Hans Veenstra. Honourable mentions: Malawi, Swaziland.
Financial Management Award: South Africa, presented to Jonah Lyall. Honourable mentions: Zambia, Swaziland.

Best Marketing Achievement: Malawi, presented to Rhys Davies.

Honourable mentions: Zambia, South Africa (Merebank).

Human Resources Award: Tanzania, presented to Beda Marwa Chacha. Honourable mentions: South Africa, Malawi; AND Corporate Award: Group Human Resources, presented to Nigel Hawley. Honourable mention: Group Finance (CI Register), Group Export Marketing.

Safety Award: Mozambique, presented to Hans Veenstra. Honourable mentions: Tanzania, South Africa (Glendale).

Best Factory Performance: Malawi (Dwangwa), presented to Steve Cloete. Honourable mentions: South Africa (Sezela), Zambia.

MD's Award: Chris Fitz-Gerald, presented to Chris for his work in compiling the 2012 Integrated Report that was recognised recently as being amongst the top 10 on the JSE.

Best Agriculture Performance: Zambia, presented to Ant Domleo. Honourable mentions: Mozambique, Malawi (Dwangwa).

AFTER the Zambian national soccer team, fondly known as Chipolopolo, won the CAF cup for the first time in early 2012, Illovo’s Zambia Country Operations Director Stanley Munsamy sent the following message to the business:

2012/02/13 To: Nakambala Users; Nakambala Marketing; Nakambala Marketing-Admin; Nakambala Marketing-Section Heads; Nakambala Remote depots; Ndola Users; Lusaka Users

Subject: Chipolopolo
Thank you Chipolopolo for bringing the CUP to Zambia. You have demonstrated that it is not big names that count but it is PRIDE, DEDICATION and TEAMWORK that makes a difference.
Chipolopolo have set the tone for 2012. We need to build on Chipolopolo’s success to build success in our areas of influence. The 2012 harvesting and crushing season will commence on 01 April 2012. If we use Chipolopolo’s magic formula of PRIDE, DEDICATION and TEAMWORK we will be the BEST sugar business in Africa.
Thank you. Kind Regards Stanley Munsamy

STAN explains: There were a number of challenges in 2012 but the Zambia Sugar team kept the focus till the end of the season. The factory lost 75% of its electricity generating capacity from April 2012 to November 2012, virtually for the whole season. The knock-on effects of the generator failure were numerous. The factory village had to put up with long periods of no electricity and no water on a daily basis as the estate practised electrical load shedding. Another challenge was the mountain of bagasse (PICTURED) that was accumulating at an alarming rate of nearly 50 tons per hour because the bagasse was not being used for electricity generation. This required some innovative methods to safely dispose of the surplus bagasse.

The importance of focus and embracing the core value of “delivery” even in the face of huge challenges resulted in Zambia Sugar winning the “Best Country” award at the Illovo Group awards ceremony in September 2013. Zambia Sugar also won the “Best Agriculture” award at the same ceremony.

A MOUNTAIN of bagasse . . . .


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