Improved Weighbridge Controls At Sezela Benefit Cane Throughput

Friday, 04 July 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"Improved Weighbridge Controls At Sezela Benefit Cane Throughput"

WITH more than 360 cane trucks making deliveries to Sezela on any given day, proper management control of weighbridge logistics is all part of a day’s work to prevent long rows of vehicles waiting to enter the mill, at the same time as making sure the factory remains fully and consistently supplied.

In an innovative process, developed jointly by both mill and grower leadership, the ideal number of cane trucks crossing the weighbridge on the way into the mill was determined at 15 per hour. By measuring this, together with the time that it takes for the same vehicles to reach the exit weighbridge, an independently-generated daily report is distributed to factory management and growers alike, clearly pinpointing what and on which side of the weighbridge the fault lies.

Knowing the answers, both parties can plan in advance to lessen the impacts on their respective operations – the outcome of which has seen a significant improvement in cane delivery logistics, with the annual average waiting time outside the factory dropping substantially to 40 minutes per vehicle and the weighbridge to weighbridge turn-around time falling to 30 minutes. This has been vitally important in a year which has seen a considerable increase in cane supply following two years of drought.


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