Sisco Software Helps Improve Water Use

Monday, 30 June 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"Sisco Software Helps Improve Water Use"

IN a follow-up to CCoE manager Brent Griffiths’ Australia trip in 2012, which included a visit to the National Centre of Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA) at the University of Southern Queensland, it was decided to request the NCEA to train delegates from our surface irrigated estates on the use of the Surface Irrigation Simulation, Calibration and Optimisation (SISCO) software which had been showcased.

This software is a very powerful tool which can be used for the evaluation and optimisation of surface irrigation, using both manual and visual methodology. The fact that Illovo still has approximately 32 000 hectares of sugarcane which is irrigated using surface irrigation was the reason for the decision.

Thirteen delegates comprising agricultural engineers, agronomists and surveyors representing the Nakambala estate in Zambia and both the Dwangwa and Nchalo estates in Malawi were chosen to attend a week–long course from 6-10 May 2013. The training was conducted by Dr Malcolm Gillies and Dr Joseph Smith from the NCEA at Nakambala estate.

The feedback from the delegates was extremely positive and the training has already led to some Continuous Improvement projects being formulated to measure and quantify the improvement in irrigation water use, due to SISCO.

DELEGATES to the SISCO course held at Nakambala were: from Nakambala, Zambia - Marc Mulder (irrigation engineer), Sudan Mulebwente (water distribution engineer), Gloria Nachivula (infield irrigation officer), Earnest Namakando (not shown) (surveyor), Leon Choongwe (surveyor), Stephen Noole (agronomy) and David Ngazimbi (Nakambala-Nanga); from Nchalo, Malawi - Watson Ligomba, Martin Katha and Hassan Zelo; from Dwangwa, Malawi - Mathias Kamphandule Phiri, Alex Mwale and Felix Lungu.


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