Tops Training: A Yearly Reminder At Dwangwa

Sunday, 29 June 2014
Illovo Sugar Ltd

"Tops Training: A Yearly Reminder At Dwangwa"

TOPs 2013 (Technical Operating Procedures) for the Refinery section took place on March 28 at Dwangwa’s HRD Centre. This is a yearly session in which employees discuss performance achieved in the previous season and how to make things even better in the coming season. Employees were reminded of the expected technical operating procedures and the minimum operating parameters to achieve. The employees were very participative; they put forward freely the problems that they encounter while carrying out their duties and solutions were proposed, discussed and agreed upon.

Finally, the season planned start-up date and target tons cane to be crushed and sugar made were communicated and by the end of this session it was evident the staff were ready for the start of the 2013/14 season.

Laboratory Section had their session presented by Kingsley Phiri, laboratory manager, with group skills development manager Viresh Singh who, besides TOPs, urged the participants to adhere to safety precautions when working with chemicals in the laboratory for their own safety and that of their colleagues. He told the participants that Illovo is there to make sugar and wants to do it in a very safe manner, hence the inclusion of the Safety tips in the Tops manual.

ALEX MASIKU, Dwangwa’s refinery manager, leads the discussion with the employees of the section.


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