Wednesday, 08 April 2015
Illovo Sugar Ltd


Glen Morgan, an in-service mechanical engineering trainee, standing next to his project, the new boiler wash water system for the Eston mill. Glen has completed his S4 and will start his B-Tech in the new semester.

Glen designed this wash water system which will utilise water from the overflow from the boiler condensate water tank and thus minimise the cost of water being used to wash the boiler and millhouse areas as well as being environmentally friendly. The tank was salvaged from the old boiler scrubber ducting.

Glen completed detailed drawings and costing of this system before he was given the go-ahead. He gained invaluable experience in the process, from supervising civil contractors to welding, machining, cutting, drilling, painting, alignment and securing the cradles, to finally supervising the positioning of the tank. The only part of the project Glen did not do himself was driving the Hyster and operate the crane because he did not have a licence for them. All the other tasks he did single handedly.

Caleb Mdakane, Eston’s HR manager comments: “I am impressed by our in-service trainee’s initiative.”



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