Wednesday, 08 April 2015
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CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT (C.I) at Nchalo can be seen from the results of the Warehouse PIP (Profit Improvement Project). The savings as at 12 June since the inception of the project on 1 May 2014 amounted to R451 160 (MK 17 595 266). All this was possible because of the team effort from all the workers in the Warehouse and Packaging.

The objective of the PIP was to reduce damages of sugar received in the Warehouse from Production to 0.9% of total production, representing an annual saving of R2 127 691. The main causes of damages in the Warehouse are poor stitching, improper sealing, poor handling, poor packaging materials, downgrading sugar after passing through the quarantine and forklifts punching bags.

In another initiative, Nchalo’s warehouse team is doing remarkably well by packing up to 15 containers of export special sugars a day, five up on the 10 containers they were packing two weeks before, which is not a mean feat.

The challenge is to load 14 containers or more a day to meet shipping schedules without compromising loading procedures. The procedure is to exercise extra care with container inspection, ensuring the right bag and sugar for the right customer and care in container loading. Nchalo’s GM, Bruce Holmes, excited by the improvement, went to the Warehouse to encourage the employees and to give them two packets of sugar each.

JAMES CHABWERA (warehouse manager) (left) with some members of the Nchalo Warehouse staff.



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