Wednesday, 08 April 2015
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THE Nakambala Factory division achieved a safety milestone on 31 September of one million five hundred man-hours without a single lost-time incident.

Since the start of the 2014/15 season there has been a notable shift towards professional attitude with regards Health and Safety. Everyone has demonstrated a willingness to strive for continual improvement in this area. The employees involved in the delivery of the Factory SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) activities have shown a collective approach to Health and Safety and a teamwork ethos which we believe has been a key factor in the safety record of the division to date. Factory has a comprehensive Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management system implemented to ensure the well-being of all employees and is committed to the successful execution of all operational activities and the establishment of an accident-free record.

The DIFR (0.08) (Disabling Injury Frequency Rate) is the best ever held by the Factory division at Nakambala. The employees’ thorough approach to each aspect of health and safety is a determination to prove that working safely is not a waste of time nor does it add to the Factory overhead, but is a catalyst to increased production efficiency. The team acknowledged the need to tackle the iceberg effect - that while the immediate impact of a lost time accident is clearly visible in terms of injury, damage and lost time, there are a whole host of hidden factors below the surface, including repetition, delays, legal costs, site investigations and so on. These hidden costs may add up to several times the immediate costs.

Nakambala Factory has embarked on a Zero tolerance campaign towards incidents. All near misses are investigated and communicated to employees as learning points. Listed below are some of the safety interventions at the Nakambala Mill:

  1. Safety refresher training – electrical isolation and lockout procedures.

  2. Emergency preparedness – Field and Factory fires. In July Zambia Sugar bought field fire tankers for fighting uncontrolled field fires and trained more than 85 agricultural employees from Zambia Sugar and Nanga farms in basic fire fighting techniques and how to use the tankers.

  3. Three road traffic safety sensitisation campaigns since April 2014.

  4. Safety and Leadership: Management has committed to 100% involvement in all safety, health and environmental management systems.

  5. Recognising Safety heroes and heroines – the green card system.

  6. Legal Compliance training.

A. AMUSAA (right), a lead cleaner employed under factory process house (back-end), stood out among the ‘safety’ heroes at Nakambala for receiving three green cards.



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