Tuesday, 27 January 2015
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THE then President of Mozambique Armindo Guebuza visited the locality of Maciana and Maragra on July 15, where he held meetings with Local and Central Government. He also visited the Maragra Primary School, where he planted trees and had quick chats with the students.

As part of the presidential visit and under the existing partnership relations between Maragra and the district and municipal government authorities, Maragra was asked to assist with the preparations of the locations where His Excellency would hold popular meetings and briefing sessions with the provincial and district governments, extended to other levels of local leaders and guests.

In response to the request Maragra Açúcar SA built a presidential platform and a stage for cultural activities. Maragra also provided a chalet where the Head of State spent a few minutes prior to the briefing with the Central Government. And last, but not least, Maragra also painted Manhiça Sports Club building (Clube Desportivo da Manhiça), where the Provincial Government session extended to other members took place.

ABOVE: Here’s a moment this young student will never forget – a hug from then President Armindo Guebuza when he visited the Maragra Primary School. BELOW: At the Manhica Sports Club, the President met with provincial leaders and guests.



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