Tuesday, 27 January 2015
Illovo Sugar Ltd


THE Entry Level Upgrade for employees at Ubombo has taken on a new dimension within the company where the accommodation of the employees, and particularly the Agricultural villages, will be greatly improved.

The Entry Level Housing Plan Project: 2014 – 2022

The scope of works is in all Agriculture villages and will be covered in eight phases (eight financial years). It includes the following:

  • - Electrification and reticulation together with house wiring of all Agriculture villages;
  • - Replacing asbestors roofing with corrugated iron roofing sheets; Fitting new ceilings;
  • - General maintenance, painting and repairs together with upgrading of ablution, kitchen, showers and laundry facilities.

This plan is based on priority rankings, and the first village to be improved this financial year is the Cane Transport Village.

Provision of seasonal mattresses

The seasonal employees are provided with quality mattresses, and this financial year more than 1 400 sponge mattresses have been distributed.


THE pictures show the state of houses after the completion of the project – AT LEFT the house of married employees (married quarters), ABOVE the cooking facilities for the single employees.


INSIDE the new look kitchen.


A NEW transformer/mini power station will be installed to provide electricity in the village.


THE new ablution/shower facilities.



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