Tuesday, 27 January 2015
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By JESSIE GRANT, Group Talent Manager, and TENILLE PETERSON, Assessment and Organisational Development Consultant.

NOW that most Illovo employees have been introduced to our 5 Illovo Values through our BUP (Business Understanding Programme) of 2014, we are proud to announce that the Values-Driven Leadership Portal has been launched. This exciting new space will provide employees with the opportunity to familiarise themselves and gain a deeper understanding of what Values-Driven Leadership is all about. Employees should have received an email newsletter with various links to the Values Portal and Sugartube. If not, you can find our Values Portal logo (PICTURED) at the top of your Intranet Page.

Roy Disney, a longtime senior executive for The Walt Disney Company, which his father Roy Oliver Disney and his uncle Walt Disney founded, once said “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are”. As Illovo we would like all employees to bring this statement and our set of values to LIFE.

Everyone has the ability to be a leader in whatever area he/she works in. It is the responsibility of each employee to make sure that they take the time to read, understand, practise and develop their alignment to Illovo’s Values-Driven Leadership and associated behaviours. You can now start this process by accessing our Values-Driven Leadership Portal and Sugartube videos.

To start off, it is important to understand how Values work in relation to one’s behaviour. Your values are not the actual behaviours you display; they are the motivating factors behind your behaviour. For example. If you value your health - it’s not the fact you value your health that others can see but rather the behaviours or things that you do in relation to that value that allow you to indicate your value for your health. It’s the behaviours of watching what you eat, following a diet, scheduling in exercise, tracking your progress etc. All these are actual behaviours that can be seen by others that indicate your valuing of your health.

Similarly, you need to know the 5 Values-Driven Leadership Values but you have to show your alignment to them in the actual behaviours you display on a daily basis. This is where we hope the portal will be able to assist you in not only achieving this alignment but understanding why these values and behaviours are important to the sustainability and growth of Illovo as a whole.

Make use of the information available in the Values portal, read the interesting articles, watch the videos, do the self-checks and use that insight to focus your development.

In terms of your development - the only way to change or align behaviour is to become self-aware first. Self-aware of what it is you need to change/amend or align and then practising this every day. You can ask friends, family, colleagues, your manager, your team members to help you with this by explaining to them what you want to change/amend or develop. That way they can help you focus, keep you motivated and help steer you in the right direction.

We look forward to continuing this journey of discovery with you.

Don’t forget to enter our great Values Competition – you can find the Values Competition flyer on the Values Portal.

THE CHAMPIONS: The five executive directors pictured above have each adopted one of the values. Managing director Gavin Dalgleish has overall leadership responsibility.



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