The group employs more than 30 000 people involved in agriculture, manufacturing, finance, marketing and administration. Around 12 600 people are permanent employees while approximately 18 000 people are employed at peak periods on a fixed-term contract basis, primarily in agriculture.

As a significant buyer of goods and services, we also play an important role in supporting local businesses which provides further employment and drives socio-economic development in local communities. This, combined with significant agricultural and manufacturing investments, has resulted in Illovo having a material impact on job creation and poverty alleviation in the regions in which it operates.

Our people are key to achieving the group’s capacity to create and sustain value. Attracting, developing and retaining our people is central to our business strategy and we administer an array of training, managerial, organisational, leadership, executive and self-development programmes across the organisation.

Our core business principles are based on the contribution that we can make to the economic and social development and wellbeing of our stakeholders and the communities within which we operate. In addition to providing accommodation, health care, educational assistance and basic services to employees, the group also provides medical care to communities where no other facilities exist, assists in education delivery, provides municipal and civic services and access to water and sanitation, and participates in community outreach programmes. Social investment spend in 2014/15 amounted to R315 million. Considerable training and other support is provided to local small and medium-scale growers in order to promote sustainable agriculture and economic development activities.